Where can I buy a BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber?

Good news, you are in the right place. All BuildClean products – from the HEPA 360 Air Scrubber to replacement filters – are only sold exclusively online at

Do you sell internationally?

BuildClean products are only available in the United States at this time. We do have demand for our products from many countries, and we’re working to expand our distribution.

How long does it take for orders to be shipped?

Orders are ready to be shipped within one business day after the order is placed. Shipping times vary depending on location, but most products are delivered within seven business days.

How does the BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber work?

The BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber dramatically reduces airborne jobsite dust by drawing in air, passing it through a series of filters and returning the “scrubbed” air back into the space.

What types of jobsite dust will the HEPA 360 Air Scrubber clean?

The HEPA 360 Air Scrubber was designed to significantly reduce airborne jobsite dust created during remodeling projects. This includes airborne dust particles produced during demolition, material cutting/drilling, sanding of surfaces and other dust particles stirred up on a normal workday.

Do you offer coupons or have active discount codes?

BuildClean periodically runs special offers and discount promotions throughout the year, so stay alert for our next campaign. Be sure to sign up for our monthly emails to receive upcoming promotions. EMAIL SIGN UP

Do you have general contractor rates or discounts?

We do not have a discount program for contractors at this time. Be sure to sign up for our monthly emails to receive upcoming promotions. EMAIL SIGN UP

Do you offer multi-unit discounts?

We do not offer a multi-unit discount at this time. Be sure to sign up for our monthly emails to receive upcoming promotions. EMAIL SIGN UP

Do you have a preferred customer program?

We offer our customers a 10 percent discount on the purchase of Coarse Particle Pre-Filter Five-Packs when they sign up for the auto-refill program. This program automatically ships a new five-pack of filters every 90 days. SIGN UP NOW.

Do you offer a Veteran or military discounts?

We do not offer a veteran or military discount at this time. Be sure to sign up for our monthly emails to receive upcoming promotions. EMAIL SIGN UP

Do you have a sales brochure or product literature?

Yes. In our Resource Center, you can download a PDF file that explains the benefits of using a BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber to clean the air during your remodeling project. VIEW RESOURCES

Do you have an Operating Manual (PDF) that can be downloaded?

Yes, you can download a PDF copy of the BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber Operating Manual. DOWNLOAD MANUAL

What is your return policy?

The BuildClean Dust Control System is sold with a satisfaction guarantee. Within the first 30 days of use, if the system is not dramatically reducing the amount of airborne dust, we’ll refund 100% of the purchase upon the return of the unit.

Are the Coarse Particle Pre-Filters washable?

No, it is not recommended to wash the Coarse Particle Pre-Filters. Depending on the project, one filter should last one job (or up to 30 days). The pre-filters can be shaken out when dirty, and you can do this multiple times over the course of a project, but they should not be washed. You want to always use a clean pre-filter to keep the HEPA 360 Air Scrubber performing optimally and to ensure the life of the HEPA Filter. To avoid liability issues, a new pre-filter should be used at the start of every job.

Are the Fine Particle HEPA Filters washable?

No, it is not recommended to wash the Fine Particle HEPA Filters. These filters should last for between 2,000 to 5,000 hours of use, depending on the type of dust and how well the pre-filters are maintained.

How do I fix error codes?

All error codes are listed in the back of the Operating Manual, though the most common error codes are listed below:
Error 1: Dirty filter; change the filter that the machine is telling you is dirty.
Error 2: Pre-filter safety pin is not fully inserted into engagement hole. Make sure pre-filter pin is fully inserted.
Error 3: HEPA filter fault; remove hose and make sure HEPA filter is not damaged.

Can we have a company logo printed on the BuildClean product?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a custom-logo printing option for our BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber. It is safe to apply your company logo or decal to the unit.

Where can I purchase the BuildClean duffle bags?

Unfortunately, those bags are not available for purchase at this time.


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